About Us

About the club

The Townsville Kayak Club (formerly, the Townsville Canoe Club Inc.) is an incorporated club, under the Association Incorporations Act (1981). The club is associated with Paddle Queensland, whose aim is to support the development of a love of paddling sports and recreation across Queensland.

The Townsville Kayak Club exists to promote the recreational activity and sport of kayaking within the Townsville region. To this end, the club regularly hosts the popular “Come and Try” days, where people new to kayaking can experience an introduction to kayaking in a safe, supervised environment on the Ross River. In addition, the club also actively promotes kayaking skill development, advice and support for day and multi-day kayaking expeditions, and also holds competitive races and social paddles throughout the year.

Gear we like

Reed Chillcheater Aquatherm Spray Decks

These have proven to be the coolest spraydeck option in our tropical heat. In addition they don’t break down from UV exposure.

Garmin GPS Units

Consistently reliable units with regard to waterproofness. Excellent local review of the etrex 20 model here.

SEE Rescue Streamer

Brilliant passive rescue device that is small enough to carry in your PFD.

Buff Angler Water Gloves

Sunscreen is at best a short term solution on the water under tropical conditions. These gloves are light and cool, have good coverage (high sleeves), last reasonably well and have exposed fingertips to retain dexterity.

Buffs and polyester ‘ninja’ sunhoods

For long days on the water, sunscreen will rarely cut it. Search ‘Sun Mask’ on ebay for a variety of options.

Xcel Tropical Reef Booties

As light (1mm neoprene) and cool bootie as you can buy with a sole that is flexible, but just enough to protect your feet from oyster cuts should you need to land on a reef.


Personal Locator Beacon - like an EPIRB but smaller and without as long a battery life. Get one and carry it in your PFD - they are typically warranted for 7-10 years. Several good models are available - note that the popular GME model has a history of failing after repeated dunking. To solve, seal over the top screw with some polyurethane sealant.

Sparm Sun Sleeves

Anything not covered up will eventually get sunburnt. These sleeves are a godsend for those that can never find shirts with long enough sleeves to cover the lower arms and wrists.

Gurney Goo

Anti-rash ‘goo’. The formulation soaks into the skin but is waterproof and lasts a full day on the water. Absolutely stops those painful rashes from salt crystals rubbing around your armpits and highly recommended for multi-day trips.

Kayaking in Townsville

Townsville is full of great places to kayak.
Check out some of the destinations below to find out more!